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10 Jul

Hot USA Megan Rapinoe signature shirt

Giocare la finale di un mondiale è il sogno di ogni atleta godetevela ragazze domani saremo davvero tutti uniti nel fare il tifo per voi italiateam p s com è che faceva que a Hot USA Megan Rapinoe signature shirt ecchio coro adp10 italia team volleymondiali18 fivbwomenswch. Ayer tuve el privilegio de conocer en persona al sr yoichi takahashi el creador de oliverybenji que inspiró tantos niños de mi generación fue un placer poder darle las gracias por ayudarme a soñar con ser futbolista ️ ️ ️ ️ ️ ️ ️ ️ ️ ️ ️ yesterday I had the privilege of meeting in person mr yoichi takahashi the creator of captaintsubasa who inspired so many children of my generation it was a pleasure to be able to thank him for helping me to dream about being a football player. Back in 1995 I met a woman named ela bhatt in india who was already 20 years in to a revolutionary experiment in 1972 she started an organization to give women small loans that could help them find fulfillment in their work and contribute to their family s well being it was called the self employed women's association or sewa on my first visit to their headquarters in ahmedabad in 1995 sewa's 140 000 members included some of the poorest women in india with the least access to education after getting married these women lived in their husbands households under the watchful eyes of their mothers in law some had lived in purdah until their husbands died became disabled or left many had struggled day to day to support their families sewa offered the women small loans to enable them to earn their own income taught them how to read and gave them lessons in running small shops and businesses we now think of this model as microloans ela and sewa have always been ahead of their time on that first visit i'll never forget the sight of thousands of women in every color of sari sharing how sewa had changed their lives by giving them freedom and opportunity when we finished talking the women sang we shall overcome in gujarati ela and I stayed in touch and i've had the chance to see the organization and its impact grow even larger over the years when I visited sewa's new retail shop in mumbai in 2009 the organization had just over a million members on a trip to india this week I had the chance to visit ela and the women of sewa in the same place I first visited 23 years ago now they're two million members strong and there are two or three generations of sewa women all of whom are working to improve not only their own lives but also to lift up their families their communities and their country once again when we finished talking the women sang we shall overcome ela s work is fundamentally about fairness every person should have the chance to achieve his or her dreams and make the most of their god given potential no matter how rich or poor and no matter whether they work in a factory or a home or on the side of a road i'm so inspired by these women and I can't wait to see all they continue to overcome and achieve Awesome Hot USA Megan Rapinoe signature shirt

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Hot USA Megan Rapinoe signature shirt
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